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Meet Our Team

Dutch Mendenhall

Board President


Dutch Mendenhall is not just an ordinary individual, but a devoted husband, loving father, and a true patriot of America. He sets a remarkable example for others to follow and firmly believes in never giving up. His exceptional leadership across six real estate investment funds brings together the art of advanced analytics and cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence, resulting in unparalleled performance that surpasses the industry standards. In 2007, Dutch decided to shift his focus from coaching baseball to providing expert consultation in the real estate industry. His expertise and insights quickly gained him a reputation as a highly sought-after visionary, revolutionizing real estate education and training for countless individuals.

Dutch helped thousands of investors earn millions of dollars in real estate revenue. Yet, he knew that a greater purpose still lay ahead. Then, in 2015, Dutch had a vision for what would become RAD Diversified. An exclusive way for his students to partner with him on real estate investments. He felt the calling to help others secure a future for themselves and their families through the power of real estate done right and done together.

So, Dutch began building the rockstar team and groundbreaking systems needed to accomplish this vision. He partnered with real estate legend Amy Vaughn. Brought on high achievers to design RAD Diversified in a way that would scale up as the vision grew. Today, the RAD Diversified team includes more than 150 people and a portfolio of well over $100 million in diversified real estate assets.

His ethos is best summed up as People First. Dutch is always working for his people: investors, the team of people that drive the funds, vendors, contractors, tenants, and many more. The constant is "Creating Consistent Goodwill for the Business." Dutch does not believe in comparison, but rather sets his sights on his race against himself.

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