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Accelerated Leaders Program

New to the game? No Worries, AIA is here to help.

Elevate Your Future with the Accelerated Leaders Program

Welcome to the AIA Future Leaders Accelerator Program - a unique initiative crafted for tomorrow's trailblazers in the alternative investment industry. If you are a startup or an aspiring investor, this program is your gateway to unparalleled growth and learning opportunities.

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Why Join the AIA's Accelerated Leaders Program?

This exclusive program is tailored to empower new startups and individual investors. We offer resources, networking opportunities, and educational tools designed to propel your journey in the alternative investment realm.

The Program at a Glance

  • Limited Availability: Only 20 spots are available annually, ensuring personalized attention and resources.
  • First-Year Discounted Rate: $5,000 for companies and $2,500 for individual investors, payable monthly, quarterly, or upfront.
  • Flexible Payment Options: Choose a payment plan that works best for you.
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Additional Benefits

  • Tailored Mentorship: Gain insights and guidance from seasoned industry professionals, offering mentorship tailored to your specific needs and challenges.
  • Access to Industry Events: Enjoy complimentary or discounted access to key industry events, conferences, and workshops, providing invaluable learning and networking opportunities.

  • Educational Resources: Benefit from a wealth of educational materials, including webinars, online courses, and exclusive industry reports, keeping you ahead of the curve.

  • Networking Platforms: Connect with a diverse network of professionals, investors, and entrepreneurs through our dedicated networking platforms and member-only events.

  • Visibility and Exposure: Get opportunities for spotlight features in AIA publications and events, enhancing your visibility within the alternative investment community.

  • Financial Assistance: Receive financial support in the form of reduced membership fees and flexible payment plans, making the wealth of AIA resources more accessible.

  • Personal and Professional Development: Participate in workshops and seminars focusing on personal growth and professional skill development, crucial for new startups and investors.

  • Community Support: Become part of a supportive community that shares knowledge, experiences, and opportunities, fostering collective growth.

  • Industry Advocacy: Benefit from AIA’s advocacy efforts, which aim to create a more favorable business environment for the alternative investment industry.

  • Cutting-Edge Insights: Stay informed with the latest trends, strategies, and innovations in the alternative investment realm through our regular updates and industry insights.

Accelerated Leaders Program Application Eligibility

The AIA Future Leaders Accelerator Program is more than a membership; it's a partnership in your journey to success. Whether you're a startup looking to scale or an investor seeking to deepen your industry impact, this program is your launchpad.

Corporate Membership
  • Newly Established Startup

    Your startup must be at most six months. We support fresh and innovative ideas, providing the  guidance you need to thrive in today's competitive market. 

  • Capital Raising Initiatives

    Actively seeking to raise capital for business growth and development. 

  • Revenue Threshold

    Annual revenue must not exceed $150,000 for eligibility, ensuring tailored services for smaller businesses and startups to thrive and grow without financial constraints.

  • Business Plan Submission

    Submission of a detailed business plan or pitch deck for review. 

  • AIA Engagement and Participation

    Eagerness to participate in AIA networking events, discussions, and community initiatives, contributing to mutual learning and growth.

Individual Membership
  • Interest in Alts

    Demonstrating a passion for exploring alternative investments. You driven to uncover hidden gems and unique opportunities that can yield extraordinary returns. 

  • Financial Literacy and Learning Mindset

    Possesses basic financial literacy with a readiness to further their understanding of alternative investments.

  • Ethical Investing

    Commit to ethical investing and align your investments with our values. Ensure that your decisions seek profitability and resonate with AIA's principles. 

  • Participation and Feedback

    Willingness to engage in AIA’s educational programs while delivering feedback to improve our content. 

  • Active Community Participation

    Eagerness to participate in AIA networking events, discussions, and community initiatives, contributing to mutual learning and growth.

How to Apply

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Embark on Your Journey

Ready to take the leap? Applying is simple. Click the button below, and fill out our online application form detailing your business vision or investment goals, and submit the required documentation. Our selection committee will review your application to ensure a perfect fit with our program’s ethos.

Our Commitment to You

Join the ranks of future success stories with the AIA Accelerated Leaders Program. While you are just beginning this journey, our commitment is steadfast: cultivating an environment where your potential is recognized, nurtured, and transformed into new opportunities and growth. Be among the first to write a new chapter in the pages of the alternative investment industry.
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Join the ALTS Leaders of Tomorrow

Don't miss this opportunity to transform your career in the alternative investment sector. Apply now to join our exclusive community of like-minded individuals celebrating growth, innovation, and success. Redefine your path and unlock endless possibilities with ALTS Leaders of Tomorrow.